About Us

Irene Shabazi Rowland, LAc

Irene is a licensed acupuncturist, having received her medical training and Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperor’s College School of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Her Mission: Restorative and Preventative Medicine.

The body is in a constant state of change, creating balance in the body systems and evoking health and well being from external or internal causes. Lifestyle, daily stress and environmental factors, can develop disharmonies among the meridians systems, eventually leading to illness. Irene’s treatments focus on restoring the meridians to a healthy state allowing the body to heal itself.

An ounce of prevention...

Acupuncture and chinese medicine deals with the subtleties of the body. Through Chinese medicine diagnosis we can determine minor changes in the body that have not yet surfaced as pathologies, can fine tune the meridian systems, potentially preventing the body from going into an imbalance that presents as later illness.