How Acupuncture Works

The body contains a network of meridian systems that when blocked cause pain and other symptoms. These systems are dispersed among the various systems of the body, such as muscular, lymph, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, connective tissues and even organs. When one system is impaired it can often impact another. Hence, what we see in western medicine described as “syndromes.” Acupuncture, herbs and other modalities to serve to target issues and resolve the root of the problem, while simulataneuosly treating more acute problem that arose from the root issue.

These meridians or pathways have “entry” points, referred to as acupuncture points to access them. Needles are used at these specific points to resolve or disperse the problem or in cases of weakness are strengthened by manipulation of the needle. These extremely thin sterile needles can be painless since the tip of the needle is rounded, unlike that of the chiseled edge of venipuncture needle, meant to open a space to introduce and or withdraw fluids. These thin needles disrupt as little of the skin tissue as possible, causing little to no discomfort. The client then relaxes in a comfortable quiet environment for approximately 30 minutes.

With acute conditions it is usually recommended to come for frequent visits for a short period of time and for chronic concerns weekly treatments are suggested for a longer period of time. Most patient feel relaxed and restored after treatments.